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Hennaplus introduces Colour Creations, the efficient and economical premium semi-permanent hair colour formulated without ammonia. For a long lasting colour result, lively rich colour nuances, natural grey coverage, intensive care and gloss. Combining natural Boswelia extract and SoftCare (amino acid complex) for an irresistible brilliant shine and intensive care for both hair and scalp. Lasts up to 24 washes, natural grey coverage A colouring with Colour Creations lasts up to 24 washes and fades gradually. The unique combination of ingredients ensures natural grey coverage, up to 100%, depending on the colour that is chosen. Unlimited possibilities To provide unlimited possibilities in colour it is possible to mix the colours among each other. In this range there are 8 natural colours, 10 premixed colours and 3 mix colours. With this colour pallet every colour imaginable is within reach. Quick and easy. Hennaplus Colour Creations is available in 18 sparkling ready-to-use premixed colours and offers 3 mix colours. Don’t forget the required Activator kit! 1 Colour Creations cream + 1 Activator kit contain all necessities required for 2 complete colourings!

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